Saturday, February 13, 2010

Take Notice

My journey to start this blog began three years ago. Prior to that, I never knew what the acronym NICU stood for. It turns out it stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – a place I am now all too familiar with. I have to say, up until three years ago, I never had a life changing moment, nor had I had to dig as deep within my soul as I have these past few years.

I don't believe in accidents. At least I don't believe in them anymore. I may or may not have the foresight to understand why something happened or the reason a person entered my life , but over the past three years, I have learned to take note when something out of the ordinary occurs. When I have that unsure feeling or instinct in my being that perks my senses, I now pause and take notice.

A baby born at 31 weeks is too early and certainly not optimum. A few years ago I would have made a metal note and felt sad for a baby and family in that situation. Now, my family is one of those families. Our daughter is a premature baby statistic. At 31 weeks she was supposed to still be protected inside me, taking her time to develop, the two of us staying the pregnancy course. But apparently, our daughter didn’t know that. But I had a sense.

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