Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mommy Sense

How does a mom know? How does she know when her child is about to get sick, when they need a hug versus a timeout, or food to ease their crankiness? Moms have the Mommy sense.

I had a Mommy Sense this pregnancy was going to be different than my first. Looking back, everything was on track and there was no reason to think otherwise. The 20-week ultrasound gave a small inclination, again nothing hugely alarming, just watching. The ultrasound showed my placenta, which provides nutrients to the baby, was lying a bit too low in my uterus. It is a condition known as placenta previa. The doctor said it was very likely that as the baby grew, the placenta would move into place. If it didn’t, we’d likely have to have a C-section delivery. It was early in my pregnancy and no one was alarmed. Everything else with her was right on schedule. We were overjoyed with the idea of having a girl but my Mommy Sense said something in my life was going to change, and it wasn't just the fact that we were going to have a second child.

As time progressed, other ultrasounds showed the placenta was stubbornly not moving into its proper place. There are risks associated with this and the doctors educated us on the, "What ifs." Mostly the, ‘What if’ meant if the placenta ruptured, I would experience fast and significant bleeding. No worries, the C-section was planned for 37-weeks and we were on our way. But what happens when the, ’What if’ becomes your reality?

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